What Is Aluma and How Does It Work?

The Aluma Skin Renewal System with FACESTM technology is a revolutionary approach to skin tightening and the treatment of wrinkles. It is proven in clinical studies to improve skin texture and laxity. Aluma is safe, gentle, virtually pain-free wrinkle removal that is easily tolerated without anesthesia and is a great treatment for all adults -- both men and women. Aluma works by creating a controlled volume of heated tissue in the dermis. As the collagen is heated, it denatures, and the fibrils contract and thicken. In the months following treatment, the body's natural wound-healing processes result in the generation of new collagen and dermal remodeling. As new, "younger" structured collagen is laid down, the skin looks tighter, firmer and more youthful. With Aluma, there is no downtime, so you can immediately return to normal activities after your treatment. Plus, a typical Aluma treatment only takes 20 minutes, so it can truly fit into anyone's schedule!

skinkare treats men and women of all ages--from 25 to 70-- for the sagging skin and/or wrinkles around the eyes as well as neck, jowls, mouth and nasolabial folds. No cut. No Tuck. No downtime. Interested in elasticity improvements in your face or neck region? Call skinkare today for a FREE consultation with Dr. Drury!

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